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Does Bleach London White Toner Actually Work? A Brassy Blonde’s Honest Review

As a blonde, I’ve spent a small fortune battling the dreaded brassy tones. I’ve tried countless purple shampoos, masks, and DIY concoctions. But when I heard about Bleach London’s White Toner, I knew I had to give it a shot. Was this the answer to my brass-free blonde dreams? Let’s dive into my experience.

What is Bleach London White Toner?

Bleach London’s White Toner isn’t your average toning product. It’s designed to deposit cool, icy tones onto bleached hair to neutralize stubborn brassy yellows and oranges. It’s a semi-permanent hair color that claims to help you achieve a platinum, silver, or white blonde look.

Why is My Hair Brassy?

Before we talk about results, understanding why hair turns brassy is key. When you bleach your hair, you lift its natural pigment, exposing underlying warm tones (yellow, orange, sometimes even red). Some hair is more prone to brassiness, and depending on how light you go, these warm tones show through more prominently. Toner helps counteract this warmth by adding cooler hues to balance your color.

My Experience: Before & After

My natural hair is dark brown, which I had been bleaching to a warmer blonde. However, with repeated lightening, unwelcome yellow tones were getting harder to hide. I hoped Bleach London White Toner could give me that frosty, almost-white blonde look.

The process was straightforward. I mixed the toner with a developer, applied it to damp hair, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Since this was my first time, I did a strand test to ensure it wouldn’t turn my hair blue or purple!

And the results? It definitely brought down the brassiness. My hair looked noticeably cooler in tone, with the yellow hues significantly neutralized. It wasn’t the ice-white platinum I’d envisioned, but it was certainly an improvement.

Who is Bleach London White Toner Best For?

Here’s the honest truth:

You Must Have Very Light Bleached Hair:

Bleach London White Toner is specifically formulated to deposit cool tones onto hair that’s already at a very light blonde stage (ideally levels 9 or 10 on the hair color chart). If your hair is dark blonde, medium blonde, or still has visible orange tones after bleaching, this toner won’t be powerful enough to give you a noticeable difference.

It’s for Subtle Toning, Not Big Color-Shifts:

While Bleach London White Toner promises icy blonde hues, it’s important to manage your expectations. Think of this toner as a tool to neutralize the last bit of stubborn brassiness and refine your blonde tone. If your hair is yellow or orange, a bleaching session is required first, not just toning.

Maintenance is Everything:

The effect of any toner, including Bleach London White Toner, will fade gradually over time with washing. The brassiness that you’re trying to combat will slowly return. This means regular upkeep is crucial using purple shampoos, purple conditioners, and masks specially designed for blonde hair to keep the brassiness at bay.

Extra Considerations:

  • If you want a drastic change: Want to go from dark hair to the coolest platinum blonde? It’s best to consult a professional hair colorist specializing in blonde transformations. Home toning can be tricky and often requires multiple lightening sessions to achieve the perfect base for a white toner.

  • If you’re unsure of your hair level: Don’t take a chance! A quick trip to a salon or beauty supply store can help you identify your current hair level and whether Bleach London White Toner would be effective.

Pros and Cons of Bleach London White Toner


  • Affordable: Compared to salon toning, it’s a budget-friendly option.
  • Easy to use: The application process was simple.
  • Noticeable toning: It successfully neutralized some of my brassiness.


  • Can turn hair slightly blue/purple: If you leave it on for too long. Always do a strand test!
  • Limited results: Don’t have out-of-this-world expectations for dramatic color shifts.
  • Short-lived: Toning fades, requiring regular upkeep.

Final Verdict

Bleach London White Toner is a decent at-home option for toning down brassiness in already light blonde hair. If your hair is light enough and your expectations about color change are realistic, it’s worth trying. However, if you want a dramatic color transformation or have darker hair, a consultation with a professional colorist is probably your best bet.

Tips for Using Bleach London White Toner

  • Always follow the instructions! Each toner will have its specific usage guideline.
  • Do a strand test: This will prevent unwanted surprises.
  • Invest in a good purple shampoo and conditioner: For color maintenance.

Let me know if you have any further questions about Bleach London White Toner. It’s always best to consult with a hair care professional for personalized advice.


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